Kettering man determined to fight county council over parking problems outside his home

Nick Andic with the letter from the county council telling him he must remove his posts.
Nick Andic with the letter from the county council telling him he must remove his posts.

A Kettering man has been told to remove posts which prevent people parking on the grass verge outside his house.

Nick Andic’s home in Southgate Drive is regularly blocked by parents picking up their children from Kettering Science Academy, which is just a stone’s throw away.

He put small wooden posts with reflective red tape on them to stop people parking there, but has now been told by the county council to remove them or face enforcement action.

And he says this is double standards, with many other houses having posts which the council has turned a blind eye to.

Mr Andic said: “The county council have told me that I’d be liable for any damage caused by people hitting them but the fact is that the cars shouldn’t even be on the verges.

“Other people have got them on Windmill Avenue and Deeble Road so it’s double standards.

“Living near a school, people block the road and it’s really dangerous with the double yellow lines.

“I’m fighting a battle and I want them to let my posts remain.

“The street’s residents agree with me and we’re fed up – I’m adamant that they’re staying.”

Mr Andic has lived at his home for 35 years and originally put blocks on the verge, but was forced to remove them.

He put them up again a year later, where they stayed for 10 years until he was made to move them again.

And now, having been warned a third time, he says he is fed up of being fobbed off.

He added: “If I can’t put them up then why can’t the council put their own up?

“I’m even happy to pay for them to do it.

“I’ve spoken to some PCSOs and while they’ve been lovely nothing has ever been done about it.

“They don’t pose any danger at all because of the reflective tape.

“I’ve seen lots of near misses with all of the traffic and congestion and I’m determined to stop people parking there.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The issue of people parking vehicles on grass verges is one which affects roads all over the country and reflects the recent large increase in car ownership over the past two decades.

“It is not an offence in law to park a motor vehicle, other than an HGV, on a grass verge unless it causes an obstruction or a Traffic Regulation Order or bylaw is in force prohibiting it.

“Where a vehicle is parked on a verge in a wilfully obstructive or dangerous manner this would be considered an offence, and therefore enforceable by the police.

“However, it is unlawful to place objects on the highway, which includes verges, as this could potentially cause a hazard to pedestrians or vehicles and it would be the council and therefore taxpayers who would be liable.”