Kettering jazz pianist releases second CD

Rachael Johnson.
Rachael Johnson.

A Kettering jazz pianist has just released her second CD.

‘Purple and Green’ comprises five jazz numbers penned by Rachael Johnson for the Rachael Johnson Trio with Roger Inniss (bass guitar) and Joel Barford (drums).

L-R: Rachael Johnson with Steve O'Gorman (saxophone), Joel Barford (drums) and Roger Inniss (bass guitar).

L-R: Rachael Johnson with Steve O'Gorman (saxophone), Joel Barford (drums) and Roger Inniss (bass guitar).

Rachael, 27, hopes that this second CD of all original compositions will be a springboard to broaden her horizons and play at bigger events.

Speaking at Rockingham Park in Kettering yesterday (Sunday), where her jazz trio was joined by saxophonist Steve O’Gorman, she said: “I am looking out for management and an agent, and I want to do more festivals next year and

secure a local residency.

“Next year I hope to play at the Cheltenham, Upton, Pershore and Copenhagen Festivals.”

Rachael played at Copenhagen last year, and in July (2017) performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival at Rotterdam, Holland.

Musicians on the same North Sea bill included Jamiroquai, Van Morrison, McCoy Tyner and Erica Badu.

Rachael has also played at Ronnie Scott’s in London at at the Cafe du Riviera 88 in Paris.

She was recently paid a superlative compliment by American jazz legend Herbie Hancock who heard her playing his 1973 jazz classic ‘Chameleon’ on Youtube.

He was so taken with her interpretation he contacted her to say it was the best he had ever heard.

Rachael’s jazz style is fluid and inventive, and underpinned by strong rhythmic discipline.

A jazz graduate at Middlesex University, she also plays bass guitar and has played with with all combinations from solo to seven-piece jazz line-ups.

Her inspirations include Monty Alexander, Jamiroquai and Japanese band Soil and Pimp Sessions.

Revealing a wide interest in musical genres, she said: “As well as jazz I like grunge, old rock, progressive rock, new pop, funk and gospel.”

Talking about her new ‘Purple and Green’ CD she said: “It’s about nature and being free.

“It’s a mix of old standards, swing, bossa nova, funk and groove.

“Purple and green are my favourite colours. “

Rachael, the daughter of jazz musician and teacher Dave Johnson, who has worked with countless top names in the music and TV world including Tommy Cooper and Frankie Howerd, added: “Everything I love seems to be purple or green, including food and fashion... and Wimbledon! We are a tennis family.”

Rachael is now working on new original tracks for her third CD.

Meanwhile her regular local gigs include the first Thursday of the month at Kettering’s Aura cocktail bar (9-11pm), and the third Wednesday of the month at The Artichoke pub at Moulton.

‘Purple and Green’ (£10) is available via

To book Rachael visit the site or email