Kettering Hospital says its food has an ‘excellent reputation’

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Kettering Hospital has said it has an ‘excellent reputation’ for its food and patients have a great selection to choose from.

The comments come after the Campaign for Better Hospital Food unveiled figures showing NHS hospitals routinely award themselves a high rating for the quality of meals despite an independent Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey showing half of patients are dissatisfied with hospital food.

The 2012 CQC Inpatient Survey shows 6.5 patients in 10 consider Kettering Hospital’s food to be good or very good. The score was in the top 20 per cent of the best scoring trusts in England.

A spokesman said: “We also regularly ask our patients for their opinion through a more detailed quarterly KGH patient survey. These reflect the CQC survey and show that 66.9 per cent of patients rate food as excellent or good, 20.4 per cent as acceptable and five per cent as poor. The remaining percentage didn’t answer this question.”

Catering manager Sue Landon said: “Kettering Hospital has had an excellent reputation for its food for many years. Our team of 12 chefs produce 1,500 freshly cooked meals a day for our patients and staff and people get seven choices of lunch and five of evening meal. We also provide specialist meals for most ethnic groups and for patients with conditions such as diabetics, Coeliac disease, or patients who have difficulty swallowing.”