Kettering Hospital review discussed during Prime Minister’s Questions

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone
Kettering MP Philip Hollobone

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone asked David Cameron about services at Kettering Hospital earlier as the issue of the Healthier Together review made Prime Minister’s Questions for the third week in a row.

Mr Hollobone tabled a question to the Prime Minister during today’s session, asking David Cameron whether he could guarantee that the hospital’s A&E and maternity services would not be downscaled.

Answering the question earlier, the Prime Minister said: “Healthier Together has promised that KGH will retain its A&E and maternity services and any suggestion otherwise including by the opposition is simply scaremongering.

In reply, Mr Hollobone said: “Kettering has the sixth highest household growth rate in the whole country and A&E admissions are up by about 10 per cent year on year.

“Given that the hospital has been at the heart of the community for over 100 years, don’t local people deserve a clear assurance that our much loved and badly needed hospital has a bright future ahead of it?”

Mr Cameron replied and said: “I gave my honourable friend the strongest possible assurance, and the point I made to the honourable lady opposite me is that there can’t be change unless there is full public consultation, unless there is full support of GPs, and a strong patient public engagement.

“But in the case of Kettering Hospital, that is not on the agenda and any suggestion otherwise is scaremongering.”

Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire has also written to the PM after learning about Mr Hollobone’s question, asking him to give assurances that services at the hospital will not be downsized and beds numbers will not be slashed.

He said: “I’ve written to Mr Cameron asking him to answer Wednesday’s question by giving local people a clear and unequivocal guarantee that services will not be downgraded and bed numbers will not be slashed.

“Such a guarantee would be a huge success for our campaign and local people who have fought for their hospital.

“Anything less than that, and our campaign will continue and November 15th will give local people the chance to vote for the services they rely on and a candidate who promises to do everything he can to protect them.”