Kettering General Hospital apologises to family after serious birth mistakes

Callum Sharp and his family
Callum Sharp and his family

A hospital has apologised to the family of a seven-year-old boy after serious mistakes made during his birth left him permanently disabled.

Kettering General Hospital admitted it breached its duty of care to Callum Sharp after he suffered significant damage to his shoulder when he became stuck during delivery and staff performed incorrect manoeuvres to free him.

The Northampton boy was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy, meaning he has limited use of his left arm and will require a range of specialist equipment to help him and his family cope.

Mother Rebecca Sharp, 26, of Morgan Close, Northampton, said: “Callum will have to live with the impact of the hospital’s negligence for the rest of his life and will need much support and special care to ensure he can have the quality of life he deserves and that others take for granted.

“Callum is a happy child and I while I have no doubt there is every chance he will overcome his disability and reach his potential, we do worry about his future.

“Our priority now is to ensure he has everything he needs to cope with his disability.”

Mother Rebecca and father Jaime Sharp took legal action with law firm JMW Solicitors, and following the hospital’s admittance of negligence, the family will receive compensation.

Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust, which is responsible for the hospital, said that if staff had used the correct procedure to free Callum’s shoulder when he was born in 2005, it would not have been damaged and he would not have suffered the debilitating disability.