Kettering flat shut down over drunken kitchen fires

Judith Road.
Judith Road.

A drunken tenant has been banned from his flat after a number of fires broke out - because he kept forgetting he was cooking food.

Magistrates granted a closure order for the flat in Judith Road, Kettering, on Monday (May 21) making it a criminal offence for any person including the tenant to enter the address.

The court was satisfied that making the order was necessary in order to prevent neighbouring residents being placed at risk of a serious fire caused by tenant.

On numerous occasions the tenant attempted to cook whilst heavily intoxicated and left the cooking unattended.

Neighbouring properties have been filled with smoke and the incidents have required the attendance of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Kettering Council say they will be making a further court application to evict the tenant from the property.

John Conway, head of housing, said: “The council and other agencies have offered advice and practical support to the tenant on numerous occasions but he has failed to co-operate with us on any level.

“Therefore, to ensure the safety of neighbouring residents, we have obtained the closure order so that they can live in their homes without the fear of a serious firebeing started by the tenant.”