Kettering family to compete in BBC cooking showdown

L-R: Dom, Jacqueline and Chantal Codougan
L-R: Dom, Jacqueline and Chantal Codougan

A Kettering mum and two of her children will make an appearance on TV in the BBC’s new Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Jacqueline Codougan, 45, will take on a family from Lincolnshire with daughter Chantal, 24, and son Dom, 23.

The Codougans live in Kettering and run Northamptonshire catering company Mama Jacq’s, but are now set for the TV stage.

They will be part of heat six of the new show, hosted by former Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain and radio presenter Zoe Ball.

The family said: “For us it’s always a party in the kitchen.

“We like to make it as fun and Caribbean as we can.

“Hopefully they’re ready for us!”

Jacqueline, one of seven children, was born on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

Jacqueline is very close to her mother and spent a lot of her time in the kitchen.

Many of Jacqueline’s recipes and ingredients are influenced by recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Chantal has worked as a portrait artist and Dom is a mobile barber.

He describes his family as “a pack of lions” - each being strong-minded and fierce but having their own roles.

Jacqueline is the chief cook, Chantal is in charge of seasoning, and Dom is the practical one.

They love nothing more than dancing around the kitchen together.

In each episode of the show, the families go head-to-head on three challenges with the best team progressing.

Heat one of the show airs on BBC Two at 8pm on (Tuesday) August 15.