Kettering drug den closed by police

Teri Turner places the closure notice on the flat door.
Teri Turner places the closure notice on the flat door.

A flat used by drug dealers which has caused misery for nearby residents in Kettering has been boarded up by police.

The force obtained a three-month closure order on the flat in Church Mews, off Judith Road, at court this morning (Friday).

One of the bedrooms inside the flat.

One of the bedrooms inside the flat.

Police attended the flat this afternoon and boarded it up, making it a criminal offence to re-enter the property.

Anti-social behaviour officer at Northants Police Teri Turner said it will come as a relief to neighbours.

She said: “We’ve had lots of calls from residents about drug dealing, drug paraphernalia, anti-social behaviour and it’s been used as a drug den.

“People are scared to let their children play outside because there are drug dealers out there.

“With the overwhelming amount of evidence we had the order was granted.

“It only takes one person to start being anti-social and then everyone’s lives can be affected.

“The neighbours will be very happy about this.”

The closure is the latest in a number of closures to have taken place.

Teri Turner says the closures can make a real difference to neighbours’ lives.

She said: “We went back to the flat in Tresham Street which we closed and you could see the impact it had had.

“There was no rubbish and no noise.

“Within two weeks we have got a closure on this flat and this should make the area safer to those who live here.”

Outlining the force’s case in court, prosecutor Nicola Potts, said: “Numerous warrants were executed at that address due to ongoing drug activity.

“Drug paraphernalia has been found in the communal area regularly. It is frequented by squatters who are known to be drug users.”

A warrant carried out on May 30 found a number of weapons, mobile phones and 50 wraps of class A drugs, Miss Potts said.

One resident also said there had been disruptions on a ‘nightly basis’, the court heard.

Miss Potts added: “Residents have had to put up with the strong smell of cannabis coming from the address.

“People are living in fear in their own homes and they can’t let their children out to play.”