Kettering dog owner’s warning after pet is attacked

Woofie, after receiving treatment from the vet
Woofie, after receiving treatment from the vet

A dog owner is warning others to be on their guard after her beloved dog Woofie was savagely attacked by a stray animal.

Caroline Jones, of Sandringham Court, Kettering, said the seven-year-old Japanese Spitz has still not recovered from her injuries more than two weeks after the incident.

The attack happened on a grassed area near Kettering Venture Park, at about 11.30am on Saturday, September 6, when Woofie was being walked by one of Caroline’s neighbours.

She said: “One of my friends was doing me a favour by walking Woofie.

“Woofie was by my neighbour’s side and this dog came out of nowhere and started attacking her.

“Woofie was screaming and my friend was trying to get hold of this dog’s collar to drag it off, but it was not wearing one.

“The dog looked like a Staffordshire Terrier/Rottweiler cross.”

Woofie was taken to a vet for treatment as she had suffered a number of puncture wounds in the attack.

She had lost a lot of blood and needed four stitches.

Since the attack she has also needed to return to the vet because her condition has worsened.

Her owner said she may need an operation.

Caroline added: “She has to wear a cone and she has not been able to leave the house for a proper walk since the incident because she is in a lot of pain and discomfort.

“I just think whoever owns that dog is really irresponsible.

“It was running around without its owner anywhere in sight, it was not wearing a collar and it just randomly attacked Woofie without any provocation.”

Caroline added: “I am hoping that this might encourage someone to come forward who might know the vicious dog that did this.

“I have had Woofie since she was six-weeks-old and she has helped me through some very trying times, namely cancer, a heart attack and more recently my mother dying a few weeks ago.

“She is part of my family and I love her as much as I love my own daughter.

“If dog owners were more responsible this would not have happened and I hope we are able to locate this animal before it attacks again.”