Kettering couple slash bills with eco-friendly house

Mark Hemingway.
Mark Hemingway.

A Kettering couple have taken bill saving to the extreme - by building their own eco-friendly house.

Mark and Sheila Hemingway led the project to build their new four-bedroom home, teaming up with self-build specialists Potton.

Thanks to the green technology in the shape of an air source heat pump, LED lights, a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system and a rain harvesting system, energy bills are below £1,000.

They also receive a Government subsidy – the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - of £678 a year for seven years, meaning energy bills are almost nothing.

Mark said: “The temperature in the house is consistent at 22 degrees celsius.

“This is due to the insulation and re-used fresh air.

“There are no radiators and the downstairs of the house is all underfloor heated.”

The couple could have earned even more with solar panels, but were keen that their house should fit into the surroundings and look ‘normal’.

Mark added: “We’d not go back to a standard home now.

“We would definitely build an eco house again or retrofit a new one with eco modules.”