Kettering couple ready to help mind, body and soul with new wellbeing hub

Carl and Susie Daniel have introduced a body scanner to replace scales to assess body composition

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 6:00 am

A Kettering husband and wife duo who were inspired to get fit during lockdown have channelled their new-found expertise into a business to help others.

Using the hours freed up by the pandemic, Carl and Susie Daniel embarked on a fitness regime that has seen the couple open The Mind Body & Soul Wellbeing Academy in their home town.

Former pharmaceutical and medical research worker Carl lost 17kgs (2.6 stone) in body fat with a new lockdown fitness and diet regime, taking on the BMF (Be Military Fit) franchise.

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Susie and Carl Daniel

His new-found fitness also helped with his mental health and now the couple, who have been married for 32 years, want to share their knowledge and help others.

He said: "We believe that the greatest wealth is health. We got fit and into a really good head space. We are committed to helping those who wish to help themselves."

The 55-year-old grandfather-of-four has since gained qualifications in personal training and nutrition as well as studying cognitive behavioural therapy and neuropsychology.

He said: “I have learned so much and it's obvious that the advice that most people are given regarding certain health conditions can be confusing and sometimes counterproductive.

The academy offers members a monthly 3D body scan and advice and support including access to fitness instructors, mindfulness programs, Yoga and meditation.

"We wanted to offer help and support to others who want to make positive and life-affirming decisions about their own health and wellness.

“Recent world events have shown us all how vulnerable we can be as a species. It has highlighted how fragile life can be. But it doesn’t have to be scary.

"We have all been on our own journeys of health and wellness and have all battled weight management and varying degrees of mental health concerns. We know what it’s like because we have stood in the shoes of those who know they need to make positive adjustments to their health and lifestyle.

"We all deserve to live happy and fulfilled lives. This can only truly happen when you put your own health first. We want to help people to do just that."

Susie and Carl with the Styku body scanner

The couple have invested in a high tech 3D body scanner that can accurately determine body composition using infrared light. The data gathered can show centimetre losses in measurements.

Carl said: "While weight management can be the main focus for many of us, it is well-known and now well-studied that in many cases the weight gain or fat gain is a result of underlying emotional and psychological barriers.

"We aim to help you recognise and break down these barriers. The 3D body scanner can also encourage you to see what long-term health benefits can be achieved by adjusting your mindset and food behaviour. This can also lead to some very positive health risk outcomes as the scanner can also indicate the increased risk factors to certain conditions and diseases."

The Mind Body & Soul Wellbeing Academy, in Station Road, has recently been granted practitioner status and full membership and registration status to the Complimentary Medical Association, enabling the academy to receive patients on referral from GPs.

The body scanner takes 35 seconds to scan the customer - normally dressed in tight clothes such as a swim suit

Carl added: "We can point people in the right direction and give help and advice - we're ready to help anyone."