Kettering Council made more than £350,000 from parking charges

Paying to park at the Kettering Council-owned London Road car park
Paying to park at the Kettering Council-owned London Road car park

Kettering Council made a net profit of more than £350,000 from parking charges in 2013-14.

The statistics have been released after new laws to help local shops were given the go-ahead by Local Government and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

The new laws are designed to help local shops and include giving drivers a 10-minute grace period when parked in a bay to stop motorists facing fines for being just a few minutes late back to their vehicle.

The figures show that Kettering Council’s net profit from sales, fees and parking charges for the financial year 2013-14 was by far the highest in the area at £354,000.

The council received £128,000 in on-street parking fees, and £714,000 for off-street parking.

By comparison, Wellingborough Council made a loss of £316,000, while Corby Council made less than half as much money as Kettering Council, bringing in £146,000.

There have been complaints in the past by retailers in Kettering claiming that car parking charges in the town are driving customers elsewhere.

It costs £1.50 to park for two hours in the town’s London Road car park.

Shoppers in Corby who use the car park by Corby Cube pay 60p for two hours.

It is free to park in council-owned car parks in Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire.

The measures were approved in the last reading of parking reforms in the Deregulation Bill.