Kettering business gets into Christmas spirit by repairing sick child’s iPad for free

iPhoneAngels carried out the repair for free.
iPhoneAngels carried out the repair for free.

A Kettering phone repair company came to a woman’s rescue by fixing her sick child’s iPad for free after it emerged he would be recovering from hospital treatment on Christmas Day.

Letty Robinson went into iPhoneAngels this morning (Thursday) after her son’s iPad, loaded with his favourite games, was accidentally smashed.

Miss Robinson explained that her son was going into hospital and would need to rest for up to 10 days, making him immobile over Christmas.

Upon hearing this managing director Neil Barker decided to get into the Christmas spirit - by repairing the iPad for free.

Mr Barker said: “When I overheard Letty’s story I just felt like it was the right thing to do for her.

“Her son was going to have to spend Christmas in pain and couldn’t join in with all the fun, the least I could do was get his iPad fixed.

“Letty came in the office not expecting this in the slightest – but we all know how Christmas can be stressful without having a child have to go into hospital, then break his iPad which lead to an unexpected expense.

“I am a parent myself and I know just what Christmas means to families.

“It was my absolute pleasure to do this for her – her reaction was worth it all.”