Kettering author launches new book

Nigel Summerley
Nigel Summerley

The first novel by Kettering-born author Nigel Summerley will be published next month.

Like A Flower has been described as a story of “life, death, love and gardening” and is being published as an eBook by WritersReadersDirect.

The new book by Kettering-born author Nigel Summerley

The new book by Kettering-born author Nigel Summerley

Nigel Summerley, who was born in Kettering, worked as a reporter and sub-editor on the Northamptonshire Telegraph from 1972 to 1977 before he embarked on a Fleet Street career.

He is an experienced journalist whose features have appeared in The Sunday Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, the London Evening Standard, the Mirror, the Daily Express and The Independent.

His career has also included executive staff jobs at the London Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express and The Sunday Telegraph.

When asked if Like A Flower is a gardening book, Mr Summerley said: “Not in the strict sense of the term, although a garden — and the love of gardening — are at the heart of the story.

“It’s basically a whodunnit and a thriller, but I hope it also has a deeper and more philosophical subtext which will especially strike a chord with gardeners.

“The central characters are an ordinary couple drawn, against their will, into extraordinary events.

“Their garden contains a terrible secret which forces them to become reluctant detectives, caught up in a race against the police to find a perverted killer.

“That race takes them on a journey through tales of broken relationships, bitter memories, strange passions and bizarre sexual adventures — all bound together by one common thread: their beloved garden.

“And if they lose the race and fail to trap the murderer, they stand to lose not only their garden but also their lives.”

Like A Flower by Nigel Summerley will be on sale, priced £4.99, from early November on Amazon (for Kindle) and will also be available on Apple’s iBookstore and WH Smith’s eBooks.