Keep Saints away from MK

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Leon Barwell’s exercise of taking the Saints match to Milton Keynes was, I think, an obvious financial success, but he failed both the players and fans by creating an away fixture at the stadium:mk.

The match, venue and occasion were excellent, but we were almost outnumbered by Munster supporters.

He mentioned he wanted to broaden the fan base ready for the ground expansion at the Gardens . . . well unless he is trying to attract people in Limerick, he failed.

While at the match I made a calculation in four areas of the ground and found there was a 60/40 per cent Saints to Munster support, and considering that most of Munster had been over since Friday they were all in full voice.

Taking the 22,220 attendance, this equates to 13,330 Saints and 8,800 from Munster having bought their tickets through both Munster and Northampton with the help of many Irish friends living in England. Correct me if I am wrong, but is the average crowd at the Gardens not 13,000?

I appreciate business is business (£300,000-ish less expenses) but in future he shouldn’t try to kid the fans and players it will be a “sea of green, black and gold” at Milton Keynes. The atmosphere would have been much better at the Gardens, our home.

John Crouch

Lister Drive,