Kathy can’t wait for her chance to hold torch

A former teacher who donated a kidney to her brother-in-law will carry the Olympic flame through Wellingborough.

Being a torchbearer is also significant for Kathy Randall as she was born in 1948, the same year in which London last hosted the Games.

The 63-year-old said she was “chuffed” to be chosen as one of the nine people who will carry the flame 300m through Wellingborough when it passes through Northamptonshire on July 2.

She said: “Originally Wellingborough wasn’t going to be on the route and I was told that I could be carrying the torch in Coventry, but when I was told it would be Wellingborough I was delighted. All of my friends and family will be able to watch now.”

Mrs Randall spent 27 years teaching at Sir Christopher Hatton School, Wollaston School and Sharnbrook School before retiring.

A keen runner, she has taken part in several charity runs in recent years, including the Great North Run, and she’s currently training hard at Diana’s Health and Fitness Centre in Wellingborough in preparation for July 2.

Last year she donated one of her kidneys to her brother-in-law, and she is keen to promote organ donation. She hopes that her story will help to inspire others to see the benefits of organ donation.

She said: “I decided to apply to be a torchbearer because I am trying to raise awareness of organ donation – and I don’t like to be written off because I’m in my 60s. I donated my kidney last year and for me organ donation was a brilliant experience and I had no negative affects. I am blood group O so I am a universal donor, but we still had to make sure we were a tissue match and it was quite traumatic for my family. I don’t understand why people are not on the organ donation register, especially after death.”

Mrs Randall will find out four weeks before July 2 which part of the Wellingborough route she’ll be doing.