Jury retires to consider manslaughter verdict

The jury in a manslaughter trial has retired to consider the verdict.

Judge Richard Foster, sitting at Luton Crown court, told the jury today, Monday, they were bound to feel emotion for the wife and teenage son of Kevin Harrison, of Raunds.

He said they may even feel sorry for the accused, Ravi Sandhu, who would never have imagined that the single punch he threw at Mr Harrison would have such repercussions.

But he warned the jury: “All such emotion must be put to one side and you must concentrate on the evidence.”

Mr Sandhu, 24, a father of one of Kathie Road, Bedford, pleads not guilty to manslaughter.

He has claimed he struck Mr Harrison a single blow in self defence in Bedford town centre late at night because he feared he was about to be attacked by him.

See tomorrow’s Evening Telegraph for a full account of the case.