Julia still denied breast reduction

LET DOWN ' Julia Darnell said she feels let down after being denied a breast reduction
LET DOWN ' Julia Darnell said she feels let down after being denied a breast reduction

A WOMAN who has lost seven-and-a-half stone to have a breast reduction is still being denied the operation by medical chiefs.

Julia Darnell, 40, of Wellingborough, has been trying for the last 15 years to have the reduction because she suffers from a painful skin condition which causes abscesses and sores to form under the folds of her large breasts.

She has slimmed down to 10st 11lbs and has hit the BMI (Body Mass Index) target of 25, set by NHS Northamptonshire, since last November.

Despite her breast size reducing from 44JJ to a 32G, Miss Darnell is still plagued by the condition which has led to her being hospitalised three times in the last two years.

She has become increasingly frustrated after losing count of the amount of times she has been turned down for the procedure by the NHS.

Recently she has even struggled to get any correspondence back from medics about her case.

She said: “I don’t know what more I can do, they are still refusing to do it.

“I don’t want this operation for cosmetic reasons – I still get the sores and it’s painful.

“I feel frustrated. It is like talking to a brick wall.

“It’s getting to the point now where they are finding any excuse not to let me have the operation.”

A spokesman for NHS Northants said Miss Darnell’s BMI must be between 18 and 25 for 12 months before they will consider the operation.

It also said in cases where a patient has this skin condition, it would “need to have supporting information to suggest that a breast reduction would help relieve this condition”.

The Evening Telegraph has previously reported that Miss Darnell’s consultant at Kettering General Hospital, Salam Musa, has backed her case.

He has written letters of support.