Jubilee treasure chest for Regan

Denise Westwood and her granddaughter Regan Duffy, 12, with their huge collection of Royal jubilee memorabilia
Denise Westwood and her granddaughter Regan Duffy, 12, with their huge collection of Royal jubilee memorabilia

Heritage centre volunteer Denise Westwood has amassed a huge collection of Royal memorabilia to pass on to her granddaughter.

But the collection, which includes a tapestry dating back to Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1838, will first go on show to residents to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and her visit to the town in June.

Denise, 61, who lives in Great Oakley, said: “I wasn’t particularly interested in Royal memorabilia until I decided to create a treasure chest to leave to each of my six grandchildren and my great-grandchild.

“The individual items aren’t expensive but put together in a collection I think they are quite impressive.

“I go to a lot of car boot sales and auctions and pick up most of the things quite cheaply.”

The Royal collection will go to granddaughter Regan Duffy, 12, a pupil at The Kingswood School, Corby.

It includes jugs, glasses, plates, tins, books and even bottles of beer commemorating every coronation and Royal jubilee since Queen Victoria took the throne.

Regan said: “I’m interested in the Royal family and really like everything in the collection.”

For her other grandchildren Denise is collecting Mickey Mouse items for Corey Duffy, 11, James Bond memoribilia for Ashley Duffy, 20, England football items for Kurt Duffy, 16, and Harry Potter collectables for five-year-old Dylan Duffy-McCabe.

She said: “My great-grandson Grayson is only a year old, so I haven’t decided what to collect for him yet.”

Denise, who is organising the Diamond Jubilee exhibition at Corby Heritage Centre, in High Street, is hoping residents of the town will add their special coronation or jubilee items to the display.

She said: “We want the Diamond Jubilee to be a real community affair and for people to get involved.

“If residents have photographs of themselves from the time, or any other memorabilia, we would love to include them in the exhibition.”

The heritage centre is trying to trace two people who received special gifts for being born on Coronation Day on June 2, 1953.

A daughter born to Mr and Mrs Arthur Hands and a son born to Mr and Mrs James Fisher each received a free pram.

If you have information on their whereabouts contact the heritage centre on 01536 464284.