Join the creatures of the night

Join the creatures of the night at a bat and moth event on Friday, June 22.

Starting at 9.30pm, people are invited to become bat detectors at Fineshade Woods, near Corby. The event is being run by the RSPB.

The woods are known to be home to at least four species of bat, and a moth trap will also be set up to attract the enigmatic animals.

Previous trappings in the wood have even caught the Privet Hawkmoth, Britain’s largest moth with a wingspan of up to 12 cm.

All of this will be going on at the Top Lodge visitor centre, as owls hoot in the woods

The next morning the trap will be opened at 9 am and the moths displayed until midday, before being released unharmed.

Chris Andrews, RSPB visitor officer, said: “Moths and bats are beautiful creatures, but little known by most people as they never see them.”

“You can change this by coming along to see what is active whilst you are snoring in bed!”

More details about this and other events throughout the year can be found at the centre’s website:

Fineshade Wood is run by the Forestry Commission and just off the A43 between Corby and Stamford.