Join in police Twitter debate over alcohol and drunk tanks

Police operation
Police operation
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Police will tonight (Friday) be tweeting the realities of life on the beat in our town centres after dark.

It forms part of this week’s campaign against drunkenness and alcohol-related violence, and will see a member of staff tweeting from the control room from 10pm until 4am.

The tweets will cover 999 and 101 calls coming in throughout the evening. Officers on duty will also tweet about what they observe and incidents they attend throughout the evening. Everyone will be using the hashtag #alcoholharm.

The aim of the evening is to provide a snapshot of the impact alcohol has on an evening of policing, and the type of incidents officers come face to face with on the streets caused by people having too much to drink.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee launched a national campaign this week to highlight alcohol harm and the pressure it puts on policing and the health service.

He talked about the possibility of putting people who are so drunk that they can’t look after themselves into what he called a welfare centre – commonly known as a drunk tank – to receive specialist care until they are sober.

At this point they would be released or dealt with by police for any criminal activity they are suspected of having been involved in. They would then be billed for the cost of their care.

Northamptonshire Police have invited people to join the Twitter debate tonight by using the hashtag #alcoholharm.