Jamaican link up for children

A JAMAICAN headmaster has spent the week at a county school as part of a project on the Olympics.

Hall Meadow Primary school, in Packer Road, Kettering, was linked up with a school in Jamaica after receiving an outstanding international school award, and has been communicating with its pupils and staff through live video calls and letters.

After receiving a grant from the British Council, Headteacher of Holy Rosary Primary school, Nathaniel Muir, of Kingston, was able to visit the Kettering school for the first time.

Teacher at Hall Meadow Primary, Sarah Meeks, said: “Finally meeting Nathaniel was really exciting.”

Mr Muir spent the week making presentations to the children and parents about his country and school, linking his visit with the forthcoming Olympics.

Mrs Meeks said: “William Knibb, a missionary to Jamaica from Kettering, actually has a school named after him in the country and Olympic champion Usain Bolt studied there.”

Mrs Meeks and colleague Terry Carrington-Wathey are flying out to Jamaica on June 13.