It’s Oscar time again

It’s that time of the year again – the Oscars are here!

This year it is the 85th Oscar Academy Award ceremony.

It is a very exciting time of the year with all the nominees and the anticipation and tension over who is going to win the award for best picture, leading actor and actress, best director, film editing, visual effects, short films and many more.

This year Wrenn School is holding its own Oscars this February for all the staff and students to watch and be involved in.

It is a huge time for Wrenn School with all the preparation from the Oscar crew.

It’s not all about what happens onstage, you also have the editors, the creating of the posters, the writers, also the people who help write the script and bring it altogether.

It’s not all about the people onstage.

I sometimes wonder why people attend this award ceremony, but then I realize the tension people use to get people to be impatient.

Also with the voting and finding out if the person or film you voted for has won.

This year is one of the biggest times for the real Oscars and the Wrenn School Oscars.

I can’t believe every year there is an award ceremony but still people love to vote.

It’s a yearly ceremony yet people treat it like it is as big as the Olympics.

I really can’t wait!