Isham bypass campaigners’ vehicle count sees 10 per cent increase

An Isham resident counts traffic as part of the village's bid for a bypass.
An Isham resident counts traffic as part of the village's bid for a bypass.

A vehicle count by residents as part of their bid for a bypass around Isham saw a 10 per cent increase in traffic since their last check three years ago.

Almost two dozen villagers, who go by the name Isham Bypass Action Group, took turns to count vehicles travelling on the A509 over a 24-hour period on Tueday, November 3.

The results saw 25,367 vehicles pass through, compared to 22,398 at their last count in June 2011.

The biggest increase by vehicle group came from heavy goods vehicles passing through the village.

The busiest two hour period - between 4pm and 6pm - saw 4,258 vehicle movements.

And group leader Graham Rait says that there cannot be many village roads in the country that experience that amount of traffic.

He said: “The pollution that residents living near the road experience in terms of noise, air quality, vibration and sleep deprivation, as well as the safety aspects, is not acceptable and must be addressed before we reach gridlock.

“The situation has deteriorated and the latest count was carried out to see how far the traffic volume had changed.

“For many years, possibly as many as 50, the residents of Isham have been asking central and local governments of all parties to support the financing and building of a bypass around the village.”

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “The Isham bypass is a priority scheme for Northamptonshire County Council and it is important for not only the residents of Isham but to also support further growth in the county.

“Recently £15m of Growth Fund money has been secured through the government’s Growth Deal through Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership for this scheme but as it would cost about £38m to build, this leaves a funding gap.

“Work is now under way to see how extra funding can be obtained.”