Is this the most potted street in Northamptonshire?

Willow Brook Road resident Greg Clark next to some of the patched-up road
Willow Brook Road resident Greg Clark next to some of the patched-up road

Could Willow Brook Road in Corby be one of the most potholed streets in our area?

Over the past few weeks, the Telegraph has been asking readers to tell us about potholes they have spotted on our roads.

However, the name of one particular street cropped up time and again in your reports.

Many people said Willow Brook Road, particularly the stretch off Rockingham Road, is in a very poor state.

Vida Brown, who has lived there since 1966, said the road surface has deteriorated more markedly in recent years, ever since speed humps were installed there.

She added: “They have patched up the potholes a number of times but they don’t fix them properly, so when cars drive over the patched-up holes then the Tarmac they have put in gets thrown out of the hole.

“How many times will they repair the same holes?

“They could just repair them properly in the first place and I’m sure it would cost less than doing it over and over.”

Another resident, Greg Clark, said workmen had carried out repairs in the past seven days, which were already deteriorating.

He added: “It’s a bit of a joke.

“All that happens is there’s a half-hearted repair job. They throw in a shovel-full of Tarmac but in a day or two that’s gone and there’s a hole there again.

“In my opinion the whole road needs re-doing.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Category 1 potholes, generally speaking those deeper than 5cm, will be filled as a semi-permanent repair and treated as a priority.

“Where clusters of shallower potholes appear on a section of road, the carriageway will be assessed and considered for more widespread patching work or surface dressing. A whole range of factors need to be taken into consideration.”

Potholes are the bane of drivers’ lives – that’s why we’re keeping a close eye on the county’s roads this winter.

We’re reporting all the road eruptions we find to the county council’s Street Doctor service – but we need your help!

If you come across a perilous pothole or rocky road there are a number of ways you can let us know.

You can call our newsdesk on 01536 506153, email or send us a tweet using the #nnpotholewatch hashtag.

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