Is the council keeping up with its pothole repairs?

A row of patched-up holes in Bridgford Place, Corby
A row of patched-up holes in Bridgford Place, Corby

Since January, the Telegraph has been reporting your pothole problems to Northamptonshire County Council.

We have reported the details of more than 40 roads affected by the driving hazard and have been tracking the repair progress using Northamptonshire County Council’s Street Doctor service.

According to its records, the authority has repaired 33 of the potholes we have recorded, it is aware of five more, although no action has been taken, and on two occasions no action was deemed necessary. Several potholes have been on roads not maintained by the county council.

However, we have received calls about some repairs crumbling not long after being carried out.

We want you to keep telling us about your potholes so we can report them.

Either phone 01536 506163, email or send a tweet with the hashtag #nnpotholewatch.

Alternatively, visit Street Doctor at