Irthlingborough man jailed for refusing to stand up for judge

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A defendant who refused to stand up for a judge at Northampton Crown Court has been jailed for a week after he was found in contempt of court.

Daniel Marsden, 30, appeared before Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking yesterday after he was charged with robbing a man in Northampton of more than £1,000.

Marsden, who is a serving prisoner at HMP Belmarsh, did not have any legal representation so Judge Lucking addressed him directly in the dock.

At the start of the hearing Judge Lucking asked Marsden, who previously lived in Irthlingborough, if he could stand up.

Marsden refused and asked “under what jurisdiction?”.

Judge Lucking again asked Marsden to stand and told him he would be found in contempt of court if he refused.

Marsden remained seated so Judge Lucking said he was in contempt of court and sentenced him to seven days in a jail.

Judge Lucking, who was sitting in the morning, said she would be willing to hear the case in the afternoon if he apologised to the court.

However, she was later informed that Marsden had refused to apologise.