‘Irresponsible’ drivers putting children at risk

Cars parked illegally in Argyll Street, just round the corner from Hawthorn Primary School
Cars parked illegally in Argyll Street, just round the corner from Hawthorn Primary School

Parents have said they are worried children are in danger because of bad parking near a busy primary school.

Many also said vehicles were driven inconsiderately at crossings near Hawthorn Primary School in Kettering.

Mum Hannah Shepherd said: “The idea is to park further away and walk in, but if people are late they will stop here.

“The school newsletter is always saying don’t park here, but I just can’t see it ending.”

Alex Innard, a resident of Broadway, where the back entrance to the school is situated, said he and his partner had witnessed a number of accidents due to parents’ cars being parked irresponsibly.

He said: “Parents dropping their children off at Hawthorn school regularly pull up anywhere along Broadway, Garfield Street or Hawthorn Road where there is a gap and even in the middle of the road if there are no gaps. Doors are swung open without any thought about passing cars which has caused me to swerve on more than one occasion over the last nine months.”

Tracey Foster, who has one child at the school, described roads nearby as dangerous.

She said: “I have seen people double park on this road and I can’t drive past. They have the car doors open. You get all sorts of stupid things.”

She added drivers often paid no attention to the zebra crossings in Hawthorn Road and Argyll Street. She said: “I have nearly been run over lots of times on the zebra crossing. The drivers don’t always look.”

Fellow mum Hayley Chandler said: “There’s no easy option for dropping your children off.”

Even as the Telegraph was speaking to parents outside the school gates, a car failed to stop in time in the icy conditions and slid on to the zebra crossing outside the school.

Fortunately, a mother and her son were still waiting at the side of the road and had not yet started to cross.

The parents said it was an indication of how dangerous the area had become.

Our photographer also saw a number of cars parked on double yellow lines.