Irish car auction firm announces new centre at Rockingham Speedway

Michael Tomalin, managing director of City Auction Group, which is opening a new auction centre at Rockingham Speedway
Michael Tomalin, managing director of City Auction Group, which is opening a new auction centre at Rockingham Speedway

An Irish car auction firm has announced that it is to open a new centre at Rockingham Speedway.

City Auction Group is Ireland’s largest car auction firm and already has centres in Dublin, Belfast and Omagh.

Its new branch at Rockingham Speedway will be the first in Britain.

The firm says it will be recruiting staff for a wide range of roles including telesales, administration, sales, vehicle presentation, inspection, defleet and general management to work at its new auction centre at Rockingham.

About 30 people have already been recruited, and a further 50 are expected to be employed by the end of 2015.

A spokesman for the firm said: “City Auction Group has seen dynamic growth over the last five years and has auction centres at Dublin, Belfast and Omagh and has high hopes for its new centre at Rockingham.

“It represents the firm’s first foothold on the mainland and will provide a spring board to launch further expansion across the UK over the coming years.”

Michael Tomalin, managing director of City Auction Group, said: “We are delighted to be opening our new auction centre at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

“It is one of the UK’s leading event venues, automotive testing and race circuits and we are very excited about using this facility to host, what will be some of the UK’s largest car auctions.

“Rockingham offers us a great central location with unparalleled auction and defleet facilities.

“With more than 100 acres at our disposal, we have the capability of holding hundreds of cars and delivering a wide range of services for our corporate customers.

“We will be able to offer prime vehicle storage with inspection, refurbishment and vehicle handover pods, supported by specialist corporate auction programme to our UK customers.”

The firm says the centre will hold auction events on behalf of major contract hire and leasing companies, financial institutions, daily rental companies and motor manufacturers. These auctions will be open the motor trade and public alike.

The inaugural auction event will be held at Rockingham on Thursday, February 5, at 10am.

The firm will be offering more than 500 corporate vehicles from 25 corporate vendors featuring dedicated sections from Lex Autolease, Semalease, Peugeot and Citroen Financial Services, Avis and Budget and many more.

The physical auction will be supported by an IOS/Android live bid and auction app for smart phones and tablet devices. A dedicated soft seated live bid lounge is being introduced as another new initiative for the group.

For more information, please call Michael Tomalin on 07808 791210 or visit