Irchester school shows good practice in science

Cynthia Pieta, Jessica Coombes and Reece Minutolo
Cynthia Pieta, Jessica Coombes and Reece Minutolo

Irchester Primary School has been praised by Ofsted for showing good practice in science.

The recent report celebrates the role of Lab 13 in driving improvement at the school.

The project involves a scientist in residence working in school with the pupils and teachers to raise the focus of science and use it as the context through which real and relevant literacy and numeracy skills are learned.

The approach to learning is through pupil-led investigations prompted by their questions.

Headteacher Julia Alison said: “We have the highest aspirations for our pupils.

“We want them to develop the creative, imaginative and problem solving mind they will need to make the most of future learning opportunities at secondary school, university and beyond.”

The school has gone on to build on the success of Lab 13 by becoming a Learn Hub for training in teaching primary science.