Invite to represent town in Latvia

A TWINNING association is looking for 10 people to go to Latvia as part of a cultural exchange.

Desborough and District Twinning Association is looking for four people aged 18 to 25 and six older people to attend a conference in Kandava, Latvia, from July 4 to July 8.

The residents, who should be from Desborough, will discuss the effects of demographic development on culture in rural areas at the conference, but will also try Latvian food and experience its culture.

Matthew Crick, 19, of Desborough, who represented the town at a youth meeting in the Netherlands, recently, said: “We played local games and met some wonderful people who we now consider to be friends. There is no other way to experience what we experienced.”

The conference is organised by the Charter of European Rural Communities, of which Desborough is a member. The EU will part-fund travel and Latvian families will host the visitors.

To apply email by Friday, April 27.