Invitation to see plans for Muslim worship

A meeting is being held in Corby to reveal plans for a new Muslim community centre and place of worship in the town.

Corby Muslim Association has bought the former Lutheran Church, in Stuart Road, and is to use it for worship and as a centre for Islamic education and cultural activities.

The meeting tomorrow (Friday, August 2) at 2.30pm has been called by the association after some residents expressed concerns over possible traffic problems and noise.

Dr Salahuddin Khan, of the association, said: “The Muslim community has been part of Corby for more than 35 years and has been slowly growing.

“We would like to invite residents to our new building in order that we can meet and discuss the facilities we hope to provide and to ease and dispel any concerns. We wish to remain a part of the community and to live in harmony and work together with the local community in order that we can enjoy racial, religious and social harmony within Corby, making it a vibrant and safe place to live.”

Residents and representatives of the police and the borough council have been invited to the meeting.

Families in Stuart Road experienced traffic problems in the past but waiting restrictions have been introduced to ease congestion.

Resident Helen Edwards said: “There is absolutely no parking facilities available at the church and, at present, the residents struggle to park on most days of the week. There is already a community centre next door in the church hall, so another is not needed.”