Interview: Made in Chelsea star Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan
Andy Jordan
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It’s probably a testament to how seriously Made In Chelsea man Andy Jordan is taking his music career, that he opted to snub filming in New York in favour of a two week jaunt around the UK supporting the release of his new EP.

The actor joined the award winning structured-reality series in 2011 during season four and has been a regular cast member since.

However, while the rest of the crew decamp to the Big Apple for a Made In Chelsea special, Jordan is more content concentrating on a tour which arrives at Northampton’s Roadmender on June 25.

The Chron spoke to Jordan, who had only finished filming the latest scenes of the show hours earlier, about his new EP, the tour and plans for the future.

Life on tour, playing some of the UK’s most established music venues is a world away from Made in Chelsea, which chronicles the lives of the affluent young in West London – something Jordan acknowledges. “I honestly prefer the touring life,” he explains.

“As you grow up you want to be in the coolest clubs or on the best tables, but I’ve become so detached from that.

“If I’m sleeping on a dodgy mattress in the back of a van while I’m on tour, I’ll be happy because I’m doing something I’m passionate about and enjoying it.

“If you’ve got the right frame of mind, you’ll be fine.

“This is the longest run of shows I’ve ever done, it’s going to be tiring, but it’ll be fun.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out and back on stage.”

The tour coincides with the release of Geography, a four track EP released later this month.

The title track from the EP tells the story of a holiday romance

“It’s something I’m sure a lot of people have been through, certainly something I have,” Jordan explains.

“It’s that holiday romance everyone has, when you fall in love in quite a short period of time or think you can.

“It looks at the idea that the only reason you wouldn’t pursue it is because you’re living on different continents.”

The EP also features the tracks On My Own, Seasons Goodbye and a live version of Nobody Else.

It follows Jordan’s previous single A Whole Lot Of Water which was released in October last year.

“I’m really excited about the EP,” he explains. “The writing side tends to happen quite quickly.

“I originally took up the guitar just as a hobby, sitting at home playing around with things.

“I’d go weeks without coming up with anything and then ‘pop’, there’d be a song in my head and it was just a case of getting in touch with the right producer to record it.

“I work a lot with a producer called Phil Cook. He co-produced Geography and we co-write together.

“I’ve tried to maintain a bit of everything on the EP.

“There’s two songs which are bit more upbeat, more progressive music for me really.

“Geography and On My Own both build on my acoustic side of things and it was good to broaden the sounds out a bit.”

Jordan’s tour, which kicked off in Oxford on Saturday, follows a string of sold out shows in December.

Follow the successes of his previous shows, he’s hoping to build on this in the coming weeks.

“The December shows were amazing, way better than I could have ever imagined,” he explains.

“It was nice because there was a new found respect for perhaps me as a musician than me as a TV personality. It’s something I’ve been really strict about.

“Some people will go out and make the ticket price really high based on who they are but I wanted to make sure I play to as many people as possible.

“I’m always going to be trying to get that balance of fans who know me for Made In Chelsea, it’s be the nature of where I’ve come from.

“What’s cool this time around is hopefully I’ve been selling a tickets for this tour off the back of the last tour and people are genuinely interested in the music.

“Having people on the last tour singing my own stuff back to me was amazing.

“That makes all the difference. It’s great to have a full venue but what I’m really after is people who are interested in hearing the music.”

Jordan admits that originally, music was just a hobby, something he’d do while in his bedroom and not something he had given much thought about taking any further.

“At the time I joined Made In Chelsea I was a bit of a lost soul,” he admits.

“I had set up a clothing brand and that was always the original plan. Music had always just been a been a hobby.

“As time has gone on, I’ve grown in confidence and ability so started to push the music more.

“I did a couple of live gigs supporting a friend, going up and doing a few tracks and I loved the buzz of playing live.

“I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love the idea that anything can happen while you’re on stage – I love that rush.”

Live, Jordan will be playing with a band of session musicians and discussing his influences, cites Australian roots group, the John Butler Trio as one of his favourite acts.

Looking to the future, Jordan admits he’s in a difficult position.

On one hand, he’s keen to carry on writing and potentially work on an album’s worth of material, yet he still has Made In Chelsea commitments.

“I don’t want to ‘leave’ the show,” he explains, “But time pressures are against me.

“If the tour goes well and sells a lot of tickets I might have to assess my situation.

“I’m not going to New York to film because of the tour.

“I had a chat with the producers recently and they’re aware that the music side of things is something that I really want to properly peruse.”

Andy Jordan plays the Roadmender in Northampton on June 25.

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