Internet rogue to pay £5,000

A COMPUTER expert who disabled his former employer's e-mail network has been ordered to pay £5,000 compensation.

Nathan Rae, 26, of Oakleigh Close, Raunds, admitted altering the contents of a number of e-mail boxes at distributiuon company Geodis, Turnells of Mill Lane, Wellingborough, on March 6, 2002.

Wellingborough magistrates were told Rae gained access to the company's computer system from an internet cafe at a service station on the A45 at Raunds

Deborah Harding, prosecuting, told the court Rae worked as a systems analyst for Geodis from 1997.

He handed in his notice on January 3, 2002, four days beforethe company announced it was making redundancies in Wellingborough.

Mrs Harding said: "Rae was told he would not be getting any redundancy pay because he had handed in his notice."

Mrs Harding said that on March 6, 2002, Rae went to the BP Connect garage, paid to use the internet, and, using his old username and password, got on to the Geodis computer system and deleted 14 mail boxes.

She said: "The result of that was that the whole company could not receive e-mails.

"That took a couple of days to repair and the total cost of just repairing the servers was 5,300."

Although the Wellingborough branch is now closed, Geodis has 400 employees in the UK, and Rae's actions affected the whole company.

Michelle Fraiser, in mitigation, said Rae had no previous convictions and entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.

Ordering Rae to pay 5,000 compensation with 87 costs, chairman Valerie Brown said: "I am sure you have realised by now how foolish your action was and hopefully you will not be tempted to be foolish again."