Inspirational Corby youngster Seth back home after transplant

Seth playing with his brother Hugo after returning home from hospital last week
Seth playing with his brother Hugo after returning home from hospital last week

The father of inspirational Corby youngster Seth Lane has spoken of his delight after his son finally returned home from a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Seth tugged heartstrings across the world when his family posted a video encouraging people to wear his favourite colour yellow earlier this year, attracting millions of views.

He featured on BBC TV show Saints and Scroungers yesterday morning, highlighting his plight and journey to where he is now.

And now dad Nik says it’s brilliant just to do ‘normal things’.

He said: “Seth is settling in really well and it’s great to see him home and enjoying living with his brother again.

“He’s spent a lot of time in his playroom and just doing normal things you would expect a child to do, but it’s so good to see.

“He’s eating normally again and is being mischievous, he’s never been so active.”

Seth was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency and has been in hospital in Newcastle with Nik since his transplant more than 100 days ago.

Nik says the past few months have been a strain on his family, but he is looking forward to the future.

He added: “Seth has some important check-ups and tests to come over the next few weeks to see how successful the transplant was and the whole thing has been daunting.

“It’s been really hard on us a family with me staying in Newcastle and he’s had it really tough.

“This process has given him a real chance and we’re hoping Seth will be back to normal soon.”