Inner Wheel works to promote friendship

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Although Rotary has both male and female members there is also a part of the organisation that is exclusively for women, the Inner Wheel.

The object of Inner Wheel is to promote true friendship, encourage the ideals of personal service and foster international understanding.

President of Rushden Inner Wheel Mary Bolland said: “My chosen charity for this coming year is Ovarian Cancer Support for which we will be holding fundraising events next spring.

“Our international charity is the Tilinanu Orphanage for Girls in Malawi and we will be sending funds there for their education, clothing and food.

“In addition we do have fun and our fundraising usually has something to do with food.”

Most clubs meet once a month with fun and fellowship on the agenda.

Programmes may include speakers, outings, fundraising activities and special projects.

Clubs often adopt a local, national or overseas charity to support and enjoy getting involved by packing Christmas boxes, Schools in a box or Joy bags for patients overseas, or knitting blankets or baby outfits for Fish and Chip babies (so called because newborn babies are wrapped in newspaper).

Inner Wheel works collaboratively with our local Rotary Clubs on fundraising and community efforts.

International Inner Wheel’s theme for this year is “We, for Women” and as one of the largest women’s organisations it is well placed to be involved with issues that are pertinent to women.

Members are active in their communities supporting local projects and initiatives, many of which are focused on families and children and those in need.

The project for this year is for each club to support a women’s and children’s refuge in their locality.

To find out more contact district chairman Jackie Brame on

Wheels project

Next year is the Inner Wheel’s 90th anniversary and to celebrate it is running its Wheels project.

This aims to provide wheels for deserving causes and all the clubs are raising funds and planning events to support local communities.

Members plan to provide wheels such as mobility scooters for the elderly, WiZZy bugs for disabled children, bikes, toys and play trains.