Infants use iPads to make videos and learn three Rs

Pupils at Laxton school with their ipads
Pupils at Laxton school with their ipads

Progress is the name of the game at one school where even the tiniest pupils are proving to be high-tech whizz kids.

Staff and pupils at Laxton Junior School in Oundle are proud of its boast that it never stands still. And its latest push forward came when it introduced iPads throughout the entire school, from four-year-olds in the reception class to Year 6 pupils, who are getting ready to embark on their senior schooling.

And it wasn’t just pupils who had to learn to handle the new technology.

There was also a steep learning curve for the staff, who have spent their spare time downloading apps and familiarising themselves with the new learning aids. Once teachers were up to speed, the iPads were passed on to pupils.

Headmaster Mark Potter said: “The introduction of these mobile technologies has had a tremendous impact on the children’s learning here at Laxton Junior School. To see our reception children creating their own videos, uploading them to the ‘Cloud’ and then being able to view them on any device anywhere in the school is quite a sight to behold.”

The school has purchased 40 iPads and each of its seven year groups takes a turn to use them in the classroom for a week. Mr Potter said: “We are excited to see how far the children’s learning can be enhanced by the tremendous educational benefits our new iPads offer us.”