Independent Cube report is planned

THE Audit Commission will be carrying out an independent review into the overspend at the Corby Cube.

Corby Council has carried out its own report into the cost of the town’s civic hub, but the commission has decided to carry out its own study after considering the one provided by the council.

The issue has provoked fierce debate in recent weeks, with the town’s Conservative group and MP Louise Mensch calling for the council to release its report in full.

The authority says the overspend is £11.8m on top of the original budget of £35.3m.

But Mrs Mensch, who raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Question Time earlier this week, said she believed it to be in the region of £26m as the original budget was about £21m.

The ruling Labour group has pledged to release a public version of the report.

But after taking legal advice, it says it won’t be releasing it in its current form due to commercial, financial and legal sensitivities.

Only councillors have seen the report so far.

The council says it supports the commission’s decision and will “co-operate fully in order to give them all the information and assistance they need.”

Corby Council leader Tom Beattie said: “The council has acted responsibly and in accordance with legal advice.

“To do otherwise, as suggested by the local MP and others, would have been reckless and irresponsible and could have left the council open to legal challenge.

“We believe the decision of the Audit Commission to undertake its own independent review fully justifies our actions.”