Independence is a nonsense

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If Alex Salmond has his way with a referendum on Scotland’s independence, where does that leave the people of Corby?

It is several generations since Stewarts & Lloyds set up the steelworks, and indeed decades since it closed, but the Scottish accent is still to be heard in Corby.

Given Scottish independence would those people be strangers in a foreign land? Indeed, in this proposed referendum would Corby people of Scottish descent be allowed a vote?  

The whole thing of course is an absolute nonsense.

This is the United Kingdom we are talking about. I know we have had our differences, battles won and battles lost, but I reckon we have learned to live with each other amicably enough since James IV of Scotland became also James I of England. Have we got differences? Of course we do, every family has its differences with each other from time to time, but that’s no cause for wholesale divorce.

As a UKIP MEP I believe in the union, although I shall be shouting for 15 men in white shirts when they take on the ‘auld enemy’ at Murrayfield on February 4!

Derek Clark MEP for Northamptonshire