Illegal cyclists to face instant fines

CYCLISTS caught riding illegally in a town centre face being fined £30 after police launched a zero-tolerance operation.

Anyone caught flouting the Highway Code in Wellingborough will be given a fine after business owners complained about people on bicycles, scooters and skateboards running into shoppers.

Following the concerns from town centre traders, PCSOs Chris Asante-Ampaduh and Mel Thomas will now hand out fines to anyone they catch riding on a footpath. People will also be asked to leave the town centre if riding in an anti-social manner

PCSO Thomas said: “We have received a lot of complaints in relation to cyclists doing tricks and jumping off the steps on Market Street. We were also informed that the people doing this were not being respectful and were making members of the public dive out of the way to prevent being hit. Some of the problems have occurred within the pedestrian area of Market Street. People have got to realise that we are taking a zero-tolerance approach.”

Shortly before speaking to the Evening Telegraph yesterday, the officers gave a fine to a man riding a bike in Market Street.

PCSO Asante-Ampaduh said: “If it’s a clear offence we are not going to be giving out warnings, it’s going to be a straight fine. It’s a black and white issue, there’s not going to be any grey areas. It is a traffic offence.”

Cathy Mulholland, of Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough, said: “I’m pleased the police are taking a zero-tolerance approach to this because I have been nearly knocked flying a few times by people on bikes.”