Huxloe Harmonies

Huxloe Harmonies choir
Huxloe Harmonies choir

Kettering Huxloe Rotary Club have formed their own choir which they have called Huxloe Harmonies. The choir had little rehearsal time but their first performance was in front of a packed audience at Kettering Salvation Army Hall in competition with five other choirs.

The competition was for choirs that were created on the Gareth Malone theme of organisations and businesses forming choirs from members or from their workforce who had never sung as a choir together before.

The competition was keen with each choir performing two songs. Huxloe Harmonies sang a good animated version of Singing in the Rain followed by Bring Me Sunshine . It was a challenging but very worthwhile evening.

The event raised £5,000 for Cransley Hospice.