Hunt for the best shopping haunts

A team of paranormal investigators will visit a shopping centre this month to hunt for ghostly goings-on.

Northants Haunted was formed three years ago by Kettering police officer PC Rowley Adams.

The group of 12 officers and PCSOs regularly visit pubs and houses across the county with mediums to investigate reports of the supernatural. Later this month they will visit the Newlands Shopping Centre in Kettering.

PC Adams said: "I was speaking to the management of the centre and understand part of the site is built on a graveyard. They were aware that I'm involved in the Northants Haunted group and asked if I'd go along."

The group uses equipment including CCTV which monitors infra-red activity, electro-magnetic frequency meters, thermometers and electro-sound detecting equipment. They also use photography to capture any light anomalies, called orbs.

PC Adams said: "We take base readings of a room or location on our arrival and then take further readings through the evening and especially around any activity."

He said the group got together thorough a common interest of paranormal activity, popularised by TV programmes including Most Haunted.

Newlands Centre manager Neil Griffin said: "We've had one or two strange goings on in the past here before.

"Years ago when I worked on security at night I saw and heard odd things.

"We've got footage of fire doors flying open and I know some shops have reported objects moving for no reason."

The group recently visited the George Hotel in Kettering and the Dolben Arms pub in Finedon.

PC Adams said: "We had some really good results in Finedon, we had the table tipping with activity.

"We're very interested to hear about any hauntings, poltergeist or spirit activity that people are experiencing – especially if it is ongoing and has not been looked into before."

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