Hundreds sign petition against recovery park plan

More than 500 people from Corby and the surrounding area have signed an online petition calling for borough councillors to block plans for a resource recovery park off Gretton Brook Road on the outskirts of town.

Gretton Brook Estates Ltd has submitted an outline planning application to Corby Council for the park which the company claims will mean £100m of investment over 10 years and the creation of 800 jobs during the construction phase, and a further 3,000 once it is in operation.

If approved, the park would bring together businesses to use the resource value of waste and renewable energy.

The plans are expected to go out to public consultation in the coming weeks before being debated by the borough council’s development control committee.

The e-petition, started by borough councillor Rob McKellar, claims the plan will hinder Corby’s growth, damage the landscape and kill numerous animal species and their woodland habitats.

Launched on December 28, the e-petition and has been signed by more than 500 people, many of whom have left comments giving their reasons for opposing the scheme.

Sara Earl, of Gretton, said, “I live in Gretton and use the roads going in and out of the village. The roads adjacent to this development regularly flood going into Corby. The woods have a significant amount of wildlife; red kite and deer. Corby has a huge amount of brownfield land which could be used instead. Don’t use the countryside!”

David Eaton, of Corby, said: “Our woodland is a part of Corby’s history. I walk through these woods and there is a lot of wildlife living there. “I feel that it is a bad place to put an industrial park. There are many places around Corby that are made ready and cleared for future sites. Please don’t spoil this area.”

Katie Thoirs, of Corby, said, “I live in close proximity to the proposed site. I know the plant is meant to help by providing fuel but why destroy a perfectly good oxygen provider? It makes no sense whatsoever. Also, Gretton Brook Road is not exactly the safest or most accessible road for heavy vehicles and more traffic. I don’t know what they are thinking. Absolute madness!”

Many residents and home owners in Priors Hall Park have also expressed concerns about the impact the resource recovery park would have on Corby’s growth and new areas.

Dawn Vint said: “I live in Priors Hall and only bought my house last year. I don’t want something like this nearby and we do not need any additional risks of flooding or the possibility of not being able to use our garden due to the impact of this site.”

Cllr Rob McKellar, who represents the Weldon and Gretton ward on Corby Council, said: “I will be backing these local people all the way and I call upon all of my colleagues to do the same.”