Hundreds of temporary jobs in Wellingborough for police commissioner election

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WELLINGBOROUGH Council is recruiting this week to fill hundreds of temporary jobs to work at the police commissioner election in November.

People who are interested in the role have until Saturday, May 5, to get their application in to the council.

Jobs available include presiding officers and poll clerks for every polling station in the borough, as well as verification supervisors, security, and general assistants at the count.

In the lead up to election day a number of people are also needed to open postal votes.

The fees for working at the election are paid for by the government and although they haven’t yet been set for this year, previously they have ranged from £8 an hour for a general assistant up to a £195 total fee for a presiding officer.

John Campbell, chief executive at Wellingborough Council and local returning officer for the election, said: “Local councils will run this election but the money to fund it, including the temporary jobs we’re advertising now, comes from the government. So this won’t be paid for out of council budgets and will offer a number of people the chance to earn some extra cash later in the year.

“There is a lot of responsibility involved in working at an election and we are looking for people to take on jobs ranging from being in charge of the polling station through to verifying the contents of ballot boxes.

“The police commissioner will be elected under the supplementary vote system, whereby voters give a first and second preference, and this will be new to a lot of people.

“We will provide thorough training to make sure everyone involved understands this system so the election runs smoothly.”

Anyone aged over 16 who is eligible to work in the UK can apply to work at the election.

Application forms and a full list of jobs are available on the council’s website at or by calling 01933 231513.

Completed application forms must be received by the council by Saturday, May 5.

Applicants will be contacted within 10 days of the closing date to let them know if they have been shortlisted or not.