Hundreds of parking fines issued on road opposite Kettering General Hospital

Parking problems in Poppy Fields seem to have been resolved
Parking problems in Poppy Fields seem to have been resolved

Hundreds of fines have been issued since new parking restrictions were brought in on a housing development in Kettering.

Residents of Poppy Fields, opposite Kettering General Hospital, were hoping to get the road adopted by the county council to end years of poor maintenance and persistent parking problems.

Residents report that at long last the problem seems to be solved.

Cllr Mick Scrimshaw

Although the road has still not been adopted, the developer last month arranged for parking rules to be put in on the road.

And since then hundreds of parking fines have been issued and a local councillor says the problem has largely been resolved.

The development was finished about a decade ago but soon afterwards the development company, Barry Howard Homes Ltd, was wound up by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and since then residents have been in limbo, living on roads which cannot be maintained by Northamptonshire County Council because they have never been adopted.

County councillor Mick Scrimshaw, who has held a series of meetings with residents, council officers and the police over the issue, said: “The county council, Kettering Council, and the police have not had any powers to put in or enforce any kind of parking restrictions, which has given the residents huge problems.

“They have suffered from a massive amount of non-residential parking from both staff and users of the hospital which not only meant residents could often not find places to park themselves, but also led to huge amounts of parking cars blocking junctions, parking on pavements and blocking access to delivery vans and emergency services.

“I have had numerous meetings with council officers, the cabinet member responsible for highways, residents and the police all to no avail, but at last the problem seems to have been solved.

“As the road is private property and partly because of the bad publicity the original builder was receiving, he has agreed to allow a private parking firm to come in and put in rules to stop inappropriate parking.

“It was quite a challenge to find a scheme that more than 200 residents would find acceptable, but after long negotiations with both residents and the parking company, I was able to put forward a proposal that has the support of residents and is a workable solution for the company.

“No longer will just anybody be able to park on the roads and no longer will anybody blocking pavements and junctions be able to get away with it.

“Since the new scheme started last month hundreds of parking fines have been issued, despite warning signs being placed all over the estate, and residents report that at long last the problem seems to be solved with they and their guests and visitors are now actually able to park without problems.

“I am really pleased how things have worked out and have been gratified by the message of support I and the parking company have received in support from long suffering residents.”