Hundreds of lights back on

MORE than 1,300 street lights in Northamptonshire have been turned back on since half of the county’s street lights were switched off, costing the local authority thousands of pounds.

Figures from a Freedom of Information request showed that a total of 1,332 lights have been turned back on following 3,357 requests from members of the public.

Northamptonshire County Council claimed it cost between £65 and £125 to run and maintain a single streetlight for 12 months, meaning the minimum cost of turning the lights back on in the next year will be £86,000.

More than 33,000 street lights were turned off across the county in a controversial project which started in May last year, in a bid to save £2m.

Corby is the place where the second highest amount of lights were turned back on with 163, and Kettering the third most with 155. Northampton had the most with 552.

A publicly-available council document for frequently asked questions stated that the county council would undertake a street lighting review when requests for lights to be turned on were received.

Tony Clenaghan, who protested over the changes as part of the Corby Street Lights Group, said it was unclear whether these included the 100 lights which it was agreed would be turned back on following a meeting with county council leader Cllr Jim Harker.

He said: “I think any one of the lights being turned back on is a positive thing.

“We moaned, campaigned, protested and petitioned to get the lights switched on in certain areas.”