Hundreds of hours provided by special constables in Corby

Specials have provided 620 hours of support in November
Specials have provided 620 hours of support in November
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Specials in Corby have provided 620 hours of support towards policing in the town during November.

The hours were spent on a wide variety of duties such as attending road accidents, supporting major events and responding to various emergency and non-emergency incidents.

Sergeant Jon Hodgson, from Corby’s Safer Community Team, said: “Special constables play a vital part in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the town – they are an integral part of our policing team.

“Their contribution is impressive and makes a real difference to our communities.

“For example, during 2014, specials at Corby have made 65 arrests and assisted with 29 missing people enquiries.”

Specials come from all walks of life and gain many different benefits from joining up, such as doing something new and exciting, learning new skills, improving confidence, increasing benefits to employers and using existing skills and knowledge.

For more information visit!/SpecialConstabulary or email with any queries.