Hundreds join bedroom tax protest

Bedroom tax protest in Corby
Bedroom tax protest in Corby

Hundreds of people protested about the government’s so-called bedroom tax today (Saturday, March 30).

About 200 people gathered outside Corby Cube to voice their anger at the government’s plans to cut benefits to social housing tenants if they have a spare bedroom. The protest was one of more than 50 planned throughout the country and was organised by Karen McCluskey, of Corby, who spoke at the rally.

Karen told the protestors: “This is hitting people who can least afford to pay it.” She went on to add that the bedroom tax was “a blatant attack on the poorest and most vulnerable”.

The MP for Corby and East Northants, Andy Sawford, joined the protestors. Mr Sawford said that thousands of people round the country were protesting and predicted that the bedroom tax would become David Cameron’s Poll Tax. Speaking at the protest he said the tax “makes absolutely no sense and is a petty, mean attack on the most vulnerable in our society”.

James Buglass, of Counts Farm in Corby, will be affected by the tax and was at the protest. He said: “I don’t have strong Labour or Conservative views but this tax is taking money from people who can’t afford it. My partner and I live in a two-bedroomed apartment and will have to pay about £40 a month in bedroom tax.”