Human powered flight contest coming to Sywell Aerodrome

Icarus Cup
Icarus Cup

A human powered flight competition is to be held at Sywell Aerodrome and members of the public are being invited to watch for free.

The Icarus Cup contest organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society will be held between July 19 and 28.

Competing teams will attempt to complete the following series of challenges designed to test all aspects of Human Powered Flight. They include:

1) Duration

2) A 200m sprint race

3) A 1km race

4) A slalom course

5) A take-off performance and landing accuracy task

6) Distance around a triangular course

Flying takes place daily between 5am – 9am and 7pm-10pm. Entry is free.

A spokesman said: “The competition is designed to progress the sport from occasional records attempts into a viable activity and will feature a number of challenges, for which the successful team will be crowned the second winners of the Royal Aeronautical Society HPA Icarus Cup 2013.”

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