Housing association’s occupational therapist helps more than 100 tenants

Tenant Julie Basso with Wellingborough Homes' occupational therapist Georgina West
Tenant Julie Basso with Wellingborough Homes' occupational therapist Georgina West

Housing association in Wellingborough Homes says its occupational therapist has helped more than 100 of its tenants.

Georgina West started in the role in November 2011. Since then she has been out assessing tenants’ homes and programming work to ensure homes are suited to tenants’ housing needs.

The assessments are for residents whose circumstances may have changed, with limited mobility impacting on how they use facilities and can get around the home.

The assessment includes a home visit to check care and support needs, and recommendations for improvements that would help to make life easier.

In some cases Georgina might support tenants in moving to a house that is better designed to meet their needs in the longer-term.

Julie Basso, who lives in Earls Barton, is one of the tenants to benefit from Georgina’s work. She said: “Georgina listened to and understood my needs and kept me informed while adaptations were being made to my home.

“She helped me to get a new stair lift put in, improved access in the bathroom and organised for a door entry system to be added. This means that me and my assistance dog, Cassie, can come and go independently. What is a simple daily activity for most people can be a real obstacle for someone in a wheelchair.

“It is so helpful to have an OT working directly with Wellingborough Homes. It is far more efficient and Georgina is a real asset. I was genuinely delighted when the work started as I expected to have a long wait.”

Georgina takes referrals from a range of agencies including GPs, tenancy support officers and hospital teams.

Tenants are also able to self-refer by calling Wellingborough Homes.

Georgina said: “When you are living with limited mobility, adaptations at home can make every day life easier and make a huge difference.

“I really enjoy meeting people, finding out how I can help and putting a plan into action. Seeing the impact of the work we do is massively rewarding, and I’m looking forward to helping lots more tenants in the future.”

For more information call Wellingborough Homes on 01933 234450.